Opening Offer          

 5 LESSONS for  £175 

 5 Hour Offer     5 LESSONS for  £190
 Hourly Rate  £40 PER HOUR
 Pass Plus Course  £240 PER COURSE







Terms & Conditions:

1. Legal Obligations: a) All pupils are required to hold a current provisional driving licence (category B vehicle) before commencement of the first lesson and valid for at least 6 months; or must hold a current licence from another country that gives them entitlement to drive in Great Britain for a specified time before the first lesson and also valid for at least 6 months. b) All pupils must be able to meet the health and eyesight requirements as stated on the current D1 Application for A Driving Licence form. If a pupil is required to wear glasses or contact lenses to read a number plate at the required distance of 20.5 metres, they must be worn at all times when driving. 

2. Appointments: a) Every effort will be made to ensure pupils receive tuition at the appointed time, in a dual controlled vehicle presented in a clean and roadworthy condition. b) All lessons are arranged on the understanding that PassMark School of Driving accepts no responsibility for lessons postponed due to mechanical breakdowns or other circumstances beyond its control. In the event of such occurrences, PassMark School of Driving will make every effort to notify the pupil as soon as possible and to arrange another lesson at the earliest convenience of both parties. c) PassMark School of Driving has no control over the postponement of Driving Tests by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). In the event that the DVSA cancels a driving test, it is the pupil’s responsibility to contact PassMark School of Driving at the point the cancellation is made. Failure to do so will incur a 2 hours booking fee.

3. Cancellations: a) PassMark School of Driving shall charge the full lesson fee for any lesson cancelled, unless a minimum of 48 hours notice is given, confirmed via e-mail, text or telephone. b) Should circumstances force part of a block booking to be cancelled, PassMark School of Driving will refund the outstanding monies due having deducted a £5 administration fee and having charged the lessons taken at the standard hourly rate. (i) PassMark School of Driving will endeavour to refund any outstanding monies within 7 days of the cancellation being made.

4. Driving tests: a) It is the pupil’s responsibility to book their driving test with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, having confirmed a mutually convenient 2 hours booking with PassMark School of Driving. (i) Remember that the test fee is paid directly to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and shall be forfeited if less than 5 clear working days notice of cancellation is given to the DVSA. c) PassMark School of Driving reserves the right to withhold the school’s vehicle for the test, if according to the instructor’s continued assessment, the pupil has not reached the required test standard.

5. Insurance and personal property: a) Fees include fully comprehensive insurance whilst driving the car under the supervision of an approved driving instructor (ADI) or DVSA examiner when taking the test. b) PassMark School of Driving will make every effort to safeguard the pupil’s personal property; however, it accepts no responsibility for any cash, clothing or any other personal items left in the vehicle.

6. Payment: a) Payment is due at the start of each lesson or commencement of each block booking and is not permitted to fall into arrears under any circumstances. b) All payments to be made in cash (pounds sterling) or by bank transfer payable to M R Steeples and cleared in advance of the lesson.