"Great driving lessons.

Mark was friendly, approachable and I enjoyed my lessons with him. I always felt safe in the car and well instructed and he has helped me to become a confident driver. Thank you Mark!"

Lilia H. Oct 2023


"Excellent instructor.

Mark does not always expect quality from his learners at the start but certainly helps you obtain it in the end. His pin-point teaching leaves you feeling more educated road wise and a finer driver after every lesson, providing you with confidence to consequently pass your test; this is exactly what an instructor should be and he does it superbly."

Rufus Mc. Aug 2023


"Outstanding and incredibly helpful.

Mark helped me regain my confidence within the car after being off from driving due to a medical issue for 9 months. His experience really showed when he trusted me to drive the car and change my steering style to become a safer, controlled and more competent driver. I would definitely recommend."

Toby B. July 2023


"Mark is an excellent instructor who is patient and ensures that you are a safe and confident driver so you are ready for when you hit the road! He is kind and will put you at ease when learning whilst also allowing you to adapt your lessons to best suit you."

Sarah B. Han 2023


"Mark is an excellent instructor. He is very patient and always calm even in stressful situations. I've always felt safe when driving and he has always gone at my own pace. He has adapted his teaching around the way I learn which has been very helpful. Thank you Mark !"

Rachel F. Jan 2023


"Great instructor and would highly recommend."

Harry P. Dec 2022


"Very Enjoyable, would definitely recommend. 

Really enjoyed having lessons with Mark. Very friendly environment and the standard of teaching is as high as it can get. Would highly recommend to others."

Finlay W. Dec2022



Mark is a courteous and valued driving instructor, he has taught me in every step of the way from start to finish. We regularly update our progress in each lesson using his progress chart, he also comes and sees my parents to summarise what I've learnt in the lesson and gives tips and advice.

In my past experiences of learning to drive, I was unable to drive a manual vehicle as it involved a lot of multitasking: with the gears, the clutch control and checking observations at the same time. So at this point, I had to change driving instructors to teach me to drive using an automatic vehicle. Suddenly after a few lessons with this other instructor, I found his behaviour rude, incompetent and miserable. After a while, I decided to step away from this other instructor and got back in touch with Mark, where he kindly offered to undertake some lessons in my own automatic vehicle; when eventually I was confident enough to do the test and passed first time.

I would highly recommend Mark."

Ben H. Sept 2021


"An exceptional driving instructor. 

Mark is an exceptional driving instructor. Having taken several tests with a previous instructor, I approached Mark hoping to fine-tune my driving. In a relatively short period, my driving improved markedly, resulting in my passing the test with just two driving faults. Mark's patient and empathetic style suited my needs to a tee as he would deal carefully and systematically with any and all questions I had. When I needed to cancel at short notice, Mark understood and endeavoured to reschedule. I also appreciated the variety of different payment methods on offer. All in all, for those wanting a thorough and holistic driving experience, Mark is your man."

Harvey N. Aug 2021


"Mark is a great instructor and great guy in general too, very patient and helped me to pass my test first time!"

Jacob A. Oct 2020


"Fantastic teacher.

Mark is a fantastic tutor who always remains incredibly calm. He was very understanding and facilitatin to my flexible work schedule, the few times he needed to alter my lessons, he let me know well in advance and never complained on the many occasions I cancelled a lesson. Would highly recommend."

Joseph P. Jan 2020



Absolutely brilliant all the way through the process of learning. I couldn't fault one thing about learning with Mark, it has been great fun. Couldn't recommend enough!"

Alex S. Dec 2019 


"A fantastic and fulfilling experience with a great teacher and wonderful individual.

Mark is an excellent instructor, whose knowledge about the topic and experience invaluable. He is meticulous and takes his job very seriously. Mark is also very professional and very easdy to interact with. But the quality I value most in Mark, is his humanity. Besides being a great instructor, he is kind, honest and compassionate individual, who has tremendous empathy in fellow persons. I would also like to mention that I passed my driving exam on the very first try. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone."

Parag P. dec 2019


"An amazing instructor.

Can’t recommend this guy enough, he was really patient, thorough and never made you feel like you were doing anything wrong. He always remained calm and was friendly in every lesson. Taught the content excellently also."

Reuben B. Aug 2019


"10/10 service.

I thoroughly recommend Pass Mark School of Driving. He has a strong method of teaching learner drivers and shapes each lesson around what is best for the learner. His method of teaching is to a high standard, picking up on the good and bad bits and recommendations on how you can improve practise. He is friendly and makes for a good chat, making lessons relaxed and stress free. Cheers Mark!"

Samuel S. July 2019


"PassMark really was the right driving instructor. Lessons always on time, never cancelled and really flexible to my needs. Mark was patient and always gave constructive advice on what I was doing wrong. I always felt safe as driving a car for the first time can be quite daunting. After each lesson he told my mum how I'd done so she had an idea of how things were going. I had no other driving experience other than with Mark during my lessons and passed first time after 30 hours of driving. My mum has now booked lessons for my brother so I think our review shows he deserves a five star rating."

Marcus S. April 2019


"Mark was always punctual, polite and kind, and made me feel completely at ease. His techniques are effective and I felt increasingly confident with my driving after each lesson. Mark helped me pass quite quickly without compromising on the quality of the lessons and I'm so glad I chose to learn with him. A very dedicated and friendly instructor.

Thanks again for everything!"

Jenny R. Aug 2018


"Thanks for teaching me to think ahead and giving me my confidence back, I'll no doubt be seeing you on the roads as I did today on the road up to Ermysteds, keep your eye out for me! Private registration on soon so you'll recognise me even easier!"

Jack L. Dec 2017


“After failing a couple of tests a few years ago I decided I needed to get my license and get it quickly due to personal circumstances.

After telling Mark what I wanted to accomplish and in what time scale he set about getting me up to test standard and beyond.

Mark was accommodating, personable and most importantly an excellent instructor, (I’ve had a couple! He was certainly better than previous).

Efficient, reliable, relaxed and personable equated to a great learning experience and a great end result.”

Thanks Mark

Jake M Oct 2016


"I would highly recommend to choose Mark to be your driving instructor. Not only was he very friendly, he also remained calm at all times which made 

me feel very comfortable. If I made a mistake, he would never shout. He gave me great tips for passing my test and taught me how to drive confidently and safely."



"Mark has been a great instructor for our son who has just recently passed his driving test 'first time'.

Thank you for your dedication and feedback throughout the journey!!"

Sally and Steve


"I set Mark the difficult task of getting me from a new driver to passsing my test, in the summer holiday before I went back to university.

Needless to say he did it! In just 8 intensive lessons Mark managed to get me to pass first time - with lessons at very reasonable prices too.

With Mark as instructor I was not only taught how to pass a test, but also to be a more aware and environmentally efficient driver;

practicing advanced techniques to improve - as he often says - 'skills for life.'

Prompt, understanding, calm and a great sense of humour, these are all the qualities I hoped for in an instructor and I got them.

I can not thank Mark enough and my Mum for recommending him. I'll be back for Pass Plus, no question. 

So thanks Mark and see you soon!"



"I started driving with Mark in April 2015 after a difficult experience with another driving instructor.

I instantly felt comfortable with Mark and knew he wouldn't push me to drive in a way which would make me feel uncomfortable;

this was immensely reassuring after my previous experience. 

Mark is easy to get along with and a very safe pair of hands. I found his tutoring clear and his knowledge on the subject wide.

He was always prepared to answer my many questions and was at no point short with me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend 

Mark to anyone and feel that he would be an excellent tutor for both men and women."



"I used Mark to retrain my driving skills after not driving for two years through illness and losing my confidence.

I found him very calming, honest, caring, supportive, knowledgeable, organised, patient, flexible, efficient and with a great sense of humour.

He was terrific! Our lessons went so quick and for the first time I found myself looking forward to my next lesson. Each time he pushed me further and further and I think I will always remember those immortal words, "power down, power down" as I was driving like Miss Daisy before our lessons - a bit slow!

He gave me my confidence, independence back, in fact, it feels like he gave my life back - thank you Mark!

I would highly recommend Mark especially if you are just learning to drive, he will get you driving safely and to the best of your ability in a short space of time."



 "I began learning to drive with Mark with a limited amount of driving experience under my belt, but with the intention of passing my driving test within about 5 weeks before I went to university. I found Mark to be extremely attentive and accurate in diagnosing some of the problems with my driving and he was always able to provide me with the effective solutions to these, leading to massive improvements in a short space of time.

Mark teaches everything thoroughly but in  a way that is easy to understand and from my experience he doesn't only teach you how to get through a test, but also how to drive in a safe and efficient manner. I had a lot of fun learning to drive with Mark and I am very glad to say that I managed to pass my test first time before I went to university and I owe that to Mark for being such a dedicated and perceptive instructor.

Thank you very much."



Learning to  drive was difficult for me at first, but having Mark as a teacher really made the whole experience a lot easier for me.

Mark was always very calm and patient; he explained things thoroughly, properly and he tailors his lessons to help you improve

as quickly as possible. Mark always has a positive attitude and is easy to get along with and talk to during lessons.

He balances seriousness with humour and conversation well and never worries if lessons over-run slightly.

Fundamentally, Mark teaches you how to be a good driver, as opposed to just teaching you how to pass a driving test."



An exremely friendly and enthusiastic instructor, Mark made me feel very comfortable when first adapting to life behind the wheel. 

He moulded his lessons to my speed of learning which really helped me get a grasp of driving quickly and led me to meet my Christmas 

deadline and pass first time. A real pleasure to learn with and would recommend to anyone looking to master driving."



'Having decided to learn to drive a little later in life than usual, I was fortunate enough to choose Mark as my Driving Instructor.

Mark is an excellent teacher and effective communicator. He is patient and has excellent judgment. I have always felt like I have 

been making progress whilst in a safe environment. Additionally, Mark has been very understanding in working around my other commitments.

In short, I would not hesitate to recommend Mark as a first-rate instructor."



"Mark offers both a calm and patient method of teaching, which extremely benefits my learning process. 

The continued support in and out of lessons is a factor that has made me enjoy my experience, as well as learning the skill of driving quickly and efficiently.

The progress record enables me to see where I need to improve, in order to reach the aim of passing my driving test.

Overall, Mark is very supportive, very patient and an enjoyment to learn with."



"Driving with Mark has been a great experience. The way he fits his timetable around you and doesn't finish the lesson until you are happy with your progress,

even if lesson time has run over, showing his commitment. I like Mark's teaching methods, as he focused on getting me through the test quickly,

but at the same time, made sure I was safe on the road. I would recommend Mark to anyone as he puts 110% into every lesson, but also he has a lot of laughs."